The AgrAbility Project – Training and courses for farmers

The AgrAbility Project

Welcome to the AgrAbility Project. This short introduction is being provided for those of you who are not familiar with the AgrAbility Project. If you have already heard about us, then please jump over to our latest news on our blog.

project training for farmers.

Why does the AgrAbility Project exist?

The AgrAbility Project was set-up to help people people employed in agriculture and farming, providing help and training. The training can come in many forms and project based prince2 course is a common standard along with pmp. The project brings together a land-grant university with a private nonprofit disability service organization to provide practical education and assistance that promotes independence in agricultural production and rural living. The AgrAbility Project assists people involved in production agriculture who work both on small and large operations.

The AgrAbility Project

In 2010, fifty AgrAbility projects now engage Extension educators, farming experts, rural professionals, and volunteers in offering an array of services, including:

  • identifying farmers with particular needs and referring them to appropriate resources;
  • providing on-site technical assistance on adapting and using farm equipment and tools, and on modifying farm operations and buildings;
  • providing agriculture-based education to help prevent further injury.
  • providing training to help Extension educators and other rural professionals upgrade their skills in assisting farmers with disabilities; and
  • developing and coordinating peer support networks.

The international staff will also provide direct technical consultation to consumers, health and rehabilitation professionals and other service providers on how to accommodate new people in production agriculture. For example, staff can assist fabricators with designing hand controls for a tractor. In addition, national staff can provide members of other national and international agricultural and health-related organizations with information and resources to help farmers and ranchers.

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